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Hair and Makeup Planning
Today is your greatest red carpet moment. As soon as you select a date, you should begin thinking about hair & makeup.
As you look through bridal magazines for dresses, pay attention to hair and makeup styles and save the pages of those you like. This will help you communicate with your stylists.
Begin looking for a stylist 6-8 month before your big day.
Choose a stylist that you feel comfortable with and that knows your hair and skin type.
When choosing your style you should take many things into consideration, such as weather, climate of location, as well as the style of your dress. For example if you have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz and you're having a summer wedding outside, choose a style that works with the humidity. If your dress has an old Hollywood flair you may want to experiment with high glam!
Remember that you will look back at these memories for the rest of you life. Your wedding hair and makeup should be timeless and modern but not trendy. You should also be very comfortable with your style…remember confidence equals beauty.
Now that you feel great about your hairstyle & makeup, what about those bridesmaids? A wedding is like a mini fashion show. One thing that helps fashion shows look so spectacular is that there is a common theme to all the models' hair and makeup. Having this common element helps keep the look of the wedding chic and elegant.
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